What a Week !!!!!

The King of Pop dies! Holy cow! I think, no matter what the guy did or didn't do in his personal life, he is the greatest pop icon EVER! Dirty Diana is one of the greatest songs ever made! This man was famous for 40 of his 50 years. Irregardless, someone will miss him.

Burger King has unleashed a new sandwich. Check out the new BK SUPER SEVEN INCHER. I hope someone in particular at Flis Enterprises falls backwards on to one of these.

Perez Hilton got what he deserved. The only thing I found negative in this story is that the headline didn't read "Esquire.I.Am Knocks a Bowel-Movement Out of Uber-Douche!" Perez should learn that you CANNOT call a black man a fag and not expect consequences and repercussions! (as a side note, this story brought tears of joy to my eyes)

Ed McMahon dies and I never got my check. Ed was a classy Kat and I will never forget seeing him and Johnny Carson on the Tonight Show as a child. He's kicking it with the two greatest J.C.'s ever!

My former band, SufferKate, is preparing to release their full-length CD, Beautiful Disease, on July the 25, 2009. There will be a CD release party at Downtown Music in Little Rock featuring SufferKate, Finding Jimmy Hoffa, Playing With Karma and others. I have designed new t-shirts that are currently available at shows or you get them through me. Send me an e-mail here. Check the site to hear some of the new music and check out the shirts.

I have been commissioned by a great band of great friends to shoot and produce a music video to one of their songs. Shooting will take place over the next month to a month and a half and my bestest bud Patrick is directing it. The band is Finding Jimmy Hoffa and the song is "Rain Will Fall". Give it a listen and let them know what you think.

Farrah Fawcett dies. Breaks my heart the way she went out. I loved Farrah in her Charlie's Angels days. Who doesn't remember this?

And last but not least, Chris Brown went to court for the beatdown he put on Rihanna and pleaded guilty, and didn't receive one day in jail! What is wrong with this society? The prisons are full of weed smokers (not an endorsement) so we let a woman-beater out on the streets? That is so backwards! Chris Brown will be forced to, get this, pick weeds, wash firetrucks and maybe pick up a little trash. You got off easy PLAYA! Maybe one day, someone will give you the Perez Hilton treatment. Chris Brown, you SUCK and you will answer for what you did someday. Or maybe Rihanna.
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