Anybody want to get their Angry on?

Friends, those who already know help me out here. On Saturday night, June 20th, The Anger Mis-Management Comedy tour will be making a stop at Eden Park in Pine Bluff. Their will be 4 comedians at this show and you can see them all for just $10. The Headlining comedian for the show will be none other than my friend and the Voice of the Angry Revolution, ANGRY PATRICK!!! (check out Patrick's blog in Sync Weekly here.) The host for the evening will be Michael "Doc" Davis and you will also get the winner of the first annual Arkansas' Funniest Person Contest, Chucky D. The fourth comedian will have to be a surprise. Tickets for these shows go fast, so I wanna give you a little heads up. Currently, there are 2 means by which you can get your tickets. They are as follows:

1). Send me an e-mail. I have tickets at the house I would gladly deliver or mail to anyone, anywhere. If you prefer this method please send me an e-mail to and leave me a number that I can contact you, and we will make arrangements.

2). At the bottom of this post is a link that will send you to Patrick's PayPal and you can order the tickets there. Same applies to this method. I will mail or deliver them to you.

As a resident of Woodlawn and a homeboy, born and bred in Pine Bluff, I realize there is not much to do around here. All that will change on June 20th. THIS IS THE REAL DEAL PEOPLE!!! This will beat a night at Bad Bob's or All-Star any day of the week. $10/4 comedians. I encourage all of you to tell your friends and get your tickets NOW. The show is already sold 1/3 of the way out and seating is limited. Don't wait.

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