I wasn't gonna, but now it is a must.

I must start off by clarifying that the only reason I watch this show is because Mary watches it and I choose to sit through it with her. Never really cared until now. For those that are not in the "know", this happy "douchebag" couple is Jon and Kate Gosselin, the stars of the TLC hit "Jon & Kate plus 8." It has been reported over the past few months of Jon's alleged infidelity to his wife. I WILL NEVER ATTEMPT TO JUSTIFY THIS. So no beating me over the head for my views please. Jon has had his picture taken with Deanna Hummel, a 23 year old school teacher, outside of a local bar. There are many other photos like this, this and this but they leave me wondering about his decision making abilities more than his cheating heart. Married men should not be photographed with "strange" women driving their brand new Nissan 350z Nismo. Never. And there is a video swimming on the web of what is supposedly Jon leaving Deanna's house early one morning. That video is horrible. That could be John F. Kennedy as far as I know. I really do believe that Jon is "throwing his newspaper onto Deanna's front porch" if you follow me, but he is not the only person to cast stones at. Kate Gosselin, by what I have gathered by watching the show, is a straight jacket fitting session shy of the Sunnybrook Mental Institution. And overbearing. She treats Jon like a child. A better name for the show would be Kate plus 9! According to reports that I read yesterday, Kate used to give Jon a $5 daily allowance. WTF? He is a grown ass man! $5? He must have spent a lot of time at Arby's or Subway because that is all you can do with $5 dollars! It was also stated that when they sextuplets were born, they were given a 14 passenger van, to which Kate never thanked the donor and traded the van in because she didn't like the burgundy color paint job. I mean, you could go on forever with the way she treats Jon on national TV, her O.C.D. and the rumor of her affair with her security guard. No one but them know the truth. Jon.........a douchebag! Kate stated that during filming for their show that Jon wasn't around because it was Jon's weekend off. WEEKEND OFF? You have 8 kids PLAYER! You are NEVER off! Kate..........a douchebag! She even came out on the season premiere and admitted that she had been too hard on Jon over the course of their marriage and that she regretted it. I know the ladies are gonna blast me for that, but if it was Jon talking down to her like that on national TV.........there would be issues. I really do not pity either one of them. The kids are the ones that are going to suffer. There is going to be a massive case of "CHILD STAR SYNDROME" sweep through that household sooner or later. I hope this family the best, but this debacle will go nowhere fast. No matter your opinions, they both are wrong and need to do an episode with Chuck Norris where he roundhouse kicks the shit out of both of them to get them back on track!
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