Douche and Douchier

Okay, so Spencer Pratt and Heidi Montag, aka The Dynamic Doucho, were photographed wearing these attractive little ditties while at the airport after returning from Cabo San Lucas. How much you wanna bet it was Spencer's idea? He's such a complete waste of space on this earth. But I digress. According to Spencer's Twitter page, the couple started wearing the mask while in Mexico recording Heidi's music video "Sex Ed." The fact that that someone is actually giving that attention whore a recording contract is amazing in it's self. I mean these two were surely the only United States citizens at LAX walking around with these masks. Why? For attention. That's Michael Jackson and the Japanese's job to wear the facial underpants. I was actually excited when I saw this picture though. I thought, "Wow! Now that they are wearing these masks, maybe the rest of the world will not be infected with their DOUCHE-iticulitis or their DOUCHE-enoma. What a thoughtful act." Then I found out they were actually trying to reduce THEIR chances of contracting the swine flu. Spencer and Heidi, if you want the attention and fame, take the masks off, go back to Mexico and breeeaaaatth reeeaaaaallll DEEEEEP! Then maybe you could go down in history as the first washed-up, nutjob, psedo-famous, celebrity wannabe douchebags to contract swine flu. That my friends would make you ICONS!!!!
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Angry Patrick said... @ May 2, 2009 at 7:17 PM

I would like it more if they bent down and took a big whiff of my ass fumes. What a couple of slack-jawed crotchmuffins!

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