Nate Hatfield Update.

This update was posted this morning on the Facebook group page. Remember to keep Nate in your prayers. Things are getting better for this young man. Still, remember that you can make monetary donations to this family through a PayPal account that has been set up. The PayPal site is here. Do what you can.

"I spoke with David earlier and he said that Nate is doing awesome!! His brain is back down to within normal limits so they have taken the bolt out of his head that was monotoring the intercranial pressure. They are slowly taking him off of the medication so he can wake up; they are also taking him off of the Morphine and putting him on something less addictive. The neurologist thinks he may be able to skip the neuro floor and go straight to rehab if he continues at this progress! David and his mother-in-law both said it is a miracle. I know it is because all of the prayers!!!!"

David STRESSED how thankful he is for all that the community has done for them.
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