Burger King Update Part DEUCE!!!!!

As everyone is very well aware of now, I FUCKING LOVE BURGER KING! About as much as you like listening to Chainsaw! However, I digress. This is short and sweet. I have now obtained an Inside Source that is giving/has gave me info on how I might get this issue the attention it deserves. Kuddos to my new "BEST FRIEND." I'm persistent if nothing else! Look for COURTESY coming to a Burger King near you. By the way, Please encourage your friends, clients, family and children (maybe not children) to follow this blog. I'm trying to blow up like Perez Hilton! I will be PIMPez Hilton! (Thanks Anthony) And keep your eyes posted for my upcoming music video, "ESQUIRE CHAINSAW MASSACRE." (Bizzle....You rock friend) Also, I will be celebrating my birthday this Saturday Night at West End in Little Rock starting aroun 7:30 and anybody that would like to come..........I would be glad to see! Hope Reginicha can make it! I will be turning 34 (again).

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