Pimps Up, Hoes Down

So, Patrick and I have have these dialogues on a regular basis where we start a play on words with a single word. Recently, we chose the word "PIMP" as our word. The following is a complete breakdown of a texting war that lasted for about an hour. Feel free to comment or add your own special contribution to our fun.
Patrick: Are you the Great Pimp-kin?
Matt: Dr. Pimp-vorkian.
Patrick: Ren and Pimpy
Matt: Just ate at Subway. Ordered extra cheese. You KNOW what kind?
Patrick: Pimperjack
Matt: U know it
Patrick: LMAO!
Matt: My favorite soda is a Dr. Pimper
Patrick: That rox! Did you know Beckett wears Pimpers Supreme?
Matt: LMAO!
Matt: My ancestors were pimpanzees.
Patrick: LMFAO!
Patrick: Beckett's clothes come from that store at the mall. Pymporee
Patrick: Remember that Don Knotts movie, The Pimpit?
Matt: When I traveled to Australia, I saw a duckbill platyapimp.
Patrick: Best yet.
Matt: U like dat?
Patrick: Hell yeah pimplestilskin
Matt: Watching Channel 7 and that douche, Jason Pimperson.
Patrick: Took a part-time job. I'm a pimporary.
Matt: Had a brain injury. Fuct up my pimporal lobe.
Patrick: Do you like that band The Pimptations?
Matt: Me and you are alot alike. We must had been formed from the same pimplate.
Patrick: I just ordered a Quarter Pimper
Matt: Obama reads his speeches off of a telepimpter
Patrick: If your Caddy breaks down you will be a pimpdestrian.
Matt: Good thing I got my Nike Pimp-Force One's.
Patrick: I'm McPimpin' it!
Matt: Do you not like Pimper King?
Patrick: My radio is bumpin'. Red Hot Chili Pimpers.
Patrick: No, I like subs from Pimpies
Matt: What Chili Pimpers Song? Love Pimpercoaster?
Patrick: Just got ripped off. My sack is full of pimps and seeds!
Matt: I'm watching a show on TV about the Knights Pimplar.
Patrick: My favorite cartoon is Pimpeye.
Patrick: Do you drive a Jeep Pimpler?
Patrick: I just watched Pimpformers.
Matt: With Optimus Pimp?
Matt: And Shia Le'Pimp?
Patrick: It also starred John Pimpturo.
Patrick: I watched an old tennis match with Pimpy McEnroe.
Patrick: Rap star, Pimpenem
Matt: Sorry, I was gone for a min. Had to fix Max some Pimpamin Toast Crunch.
Patrick: I like Frosted Pimpy Wheats
Matt: Do you have a pimpas tree in your office?
Patrick: Nope. Spent our budget on compimpers.
Matt: U going to see the new Pimpinator movie?
Patrick: More excited about Harry Pimper and the Half Blood Pimp
Matt: Been listening to Pimp-tallica.
Matt: Do you like pimpmento cheese sandwiches?

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Anthony Owen said... @ April 11, 2009 at 2:20 PM

Nice. I've been known to pimpticapate in some epic pun battles. One I was on ESPimpN. Coverage provided by the Goodyear Pimp. I like to go to Red Lobster and battle over a nice Pimp Cocktail. My puns are always strong never pimpy. My opponents get so nervous they have to drink Pimpto-Bismol. If I was a boxer I would be Jack Pimpsey.

Esquire-Nizzle said... @ April 11, 2009 at 9:28 PM

That is just pimptastic player. Maybe we can get together sometime and have some pimpernickle bread.

C-Jizzle said... @ April 12, 2009 at 11:10 PM

It's the most pimpsational, pimpalicious, mother pimper of the world, C-Pimpizzle.

Just has to say I just busted what I thought was a pimple on my ass....guess I need to get the pimperation H.

Esquire-Nizzle said... @ April 13, 2009 at 7:13 PM


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Caramel-Izzle said... @ April 21, 2009 at 6:01 PM

You guys are definitely pimplarious!!!

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