Get Your Link On!!!!

Greetings to all. Let's end the week with a bang shall we? Here are a few links for your enjoyment.

1) Saturday Night coming up and you got da blues? Laughter is the best medicine.

2) Want to help support Local Music? Especially SufferKate; my former bandmates? Take 30 seconds and go here.

3) Times are tough, but if you want to donate money to a great cause, visit here.

4) The Gays just screw everything up!!!

5) This has to be one of the greatest internet writers I have ever followed. If you are a Mac user, you won't like this!

Okay everyone, I hope you all have a great weekend. Regardless of what you do, BOYCOTT BURGER KING!!!!!!
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Anthony Owen said... @ April 17, 2009 at 7:52 AM

The Mac link is the best! I have a buddy that is a Mac tool bag. I'm constantly looking for ways to berate him. Your link will help. When he got his iphone I sent him this link

Didn't realize until now it was the same blog.

Esquire-Nizzle said... @ April 17, 2009 at 8:03 AM

You are soooo right. Maddox is my IDOL! Been following his page for about 7 years now. He provides some good tirades! Thanks for stopping by to visit. I am posting a video here in a minute that you may want to watch. Makes me sick!

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