Those who know me, know that at times I can be quite cynical to say the least. MySpace and Face book have never been an accurate means for me to get out my angers and frustrations. I chose to set up this blog so that I might be able to enlighten you or be enlightened "by" you. I will share link suggestions (which always kick ass), photos, etc. and encourage comments, posts or feedback of anykind. I have made my e-mail address available to anyone who might be interested. The first link I will post is a link to my "most talenedest" great friend Patrick Beam's site. Patrick is to comedy in Arkansas what toilet paper is to taking a shit. You can have one without the other.........it just isn't as nice. Patrick can be heard on the stages of many venues across Arkansas and on The Corey and Jay Show on 100.3 FM, The Edge, Friday mornings at 7:15. Drop by and check out his rants and check the tour calender to see when he will be in your city!
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Angry Patrick said... @ April 7, 2009 at 12:51 PM

I have to throw some love-izzle back to the Esquire! I am oft inspired by the crazy shit that comes out of his mouth. Sometimes I hang up the phone and contemplate calling someone to help him with his issues but I never can determine who could undertake such a monumental task-izzle. And, I will admit to jealousy of his brief but assuredly sex-tastic moment with that "chick from Hanson". Nice bag, player!
Keep on keeping on! I will definitely be a regular reader!

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