WTFs? Of the Week!!!!!!

1) I am not a huge fan of Top 40 music; however, this morning I had to listen because my CD case was in my Jeep and I was in Mary's car and The Edge wouldn't come in......... Anyways.....Sunday is the day for the "Suck 40 Countdown" and as I was listening, the greatest mover of the week was a song called "Don't Trust Me" by a group called 3OH!3. After listening to that song, I realized that songwriters have now officially ran out of lyrics to put in songs. The phrase "Woo Ooh" is used 30 times during that song and the breakdown/bridge goes as follows, "Shush girl, shut your lips. Do the Helen Keller and talk with your hips." You know, I never reckoned Helen Keller as one that would spontaneously BUST A MOVE and TALK WITH HER HIPS. Who knew? WTF?????

2) Susan Boyle......oh Susan Boyle. What can I say? Homeboy can sing. But I actually give a shit if he has been kissed (which must be atrocious in itself). Homeboy got mad props from Simon Cowell as well as the other judges, but come on, I AM SICK OF HEARING ABOUT IT. Susan Boyle, you ROCK. Now let's move on. (ohhhh....that's a woman? My bad.) WTF?????

3) This weekend, 84 year old Ted Mazetier fought off 2 carjackers with his mad Grandpa Ninja skills. Immediately, I thought "What, were the carjackers 90 or something?", but surely they weren't, but what I know for sure is that they are total douchebizzles that wanted a thrill. How is the thrill of internet shame you pussies? Oh, and maybe later you can tell us all the shame of PRISON ASS RAPE!!! When you can let an 84 year old man whoop your ass............Pepaw Ted, you sir rule in my book and the world needs more like you. Hat's off to you. WTF?????

4) Want to see an epic battle in the making? Go here.

5) Not necessarily a WTF?????, but I want to thank everyone that has sent me Birthday well wishes and the Crew that stepped out for a great night this past Saturday to help me celebrate. Debbie made me the most awesome cake I never got to eat! My friends have always made me feel like a Champ and Saturday was no different. Mary provided for me the means for such a great time and for that I must say "Thanks." I love you, Boo!

I will post more next week, as Finals will allow. Wish me luck! I will now leave you with this.
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Anonymous said... @ April 26, 2009 at 10:28 PM

That was the best ever! You go,! Debs

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